Most folks don’t think there’s much sense in preparing for a carpet cleaning, after all, what can you do that the carpet cleaning professional with commercial-grade equipment won’t be able to do? Isn’t it really just extra work that’s entirely unnecessary? Is preparing for a commercial grade cleaner really going to benefit you in the long run? In our professional opinion, it’s totally worth doing a little prep work beforehand to ensure that your carpet is super receptive to the carpet cleaning treatment. There are a few ways to go about this.

Vacuuming Before Your Carpet Cleaning Service

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to vacuum before your carpet cleaning service arrives, the answer is always yes. It’s much like trying to pull up the dirt on a refrigerator shelf before cleaning it with disinfectant. While the disinfectant cleaner will pull up the majority of the germs, bacteria and stains, you’re not making extra work for it. When you vacuum before you steam clean carpets, you’re ensuring there are no stray dirt particles that could make the cleaning treatment work less effectively in some areas than it did in others. Your vacuuming efforts will also fluff and expand the carpet fibers individually which will open up the carpeting and allow the steam cleaning to reach deeper into the fibers and do a better job. Ultimately, this stops the steam cleaner from potentially dragging and smearing any dirt or debris around the carpet and making the carpet cleaning process longer.

Remove All Obstacles

The carpet cleaning process will be able to proceed in a much smoother fashion if all of the furniture items, small and large have been completely removed from the carpeted area. It’ll also allow you to pick up any stray items that will inevitably get in the way of your carpet cleaning service.

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