Carpets make a plush, beautiful addition to any home. They warm up a space and they feel way better on your bare feet than cold, glossy marble flooring. However, because they mainly reside on the floor, they tend to collect dirt. In fact, because of their plush nature, they’re awfully absorbent and therefore, they collect dirt like a floor sponge, which is essentially what it is.  Even if you’re vacuuming on a very reliable schedule, it can be easy for dirt to get embedded in the deep fibers of your carpet and at that point, you only have on option: Carpet cleaning. But at what time in the year is carpet cleaning the best option? How long should you wait between cleanings? While it’s different for everyone, we’ve found a few factors that can help you determine where to start up your new schedule.

Foot Traffic

The first thing to consider when trying to estimate the best time to clean your carpets is the amount of foot traffic your carpet sees on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. If your flooring gets more foot traffic during a certain time of year more than another time of year, that’s certainly something to take into consideration. Perhaps the spring is a rather quiet time in your Eades home, while the summer is a more popular time because the kids are home from school and you have more parties. Or perhaps you prefer to travel in the summer and the winter sees the most traffic, establishing and recognizing these little patterns is the best way to pick out when your carpets are getting the dirtiest and when you should address that to keep allergens and general air debris to a minimum. While it can be tempting to get the carpets cleaned before you host guests, it’s probably better to wait until after they’ve gone as the foot traffic will lessen considerably and then you can keep your carpets cleaner longer.

The Size of The Household

With a larger household, it’s pretty self-evident that you’ll most likely need to invest in carpet cleaning more often than a smaller household. But, if your household size fluctuates throughout the year due to kids coming back from college and the mother-in-law visiting for her usual three months of the year, then those factors change as well. When more people are around, you’ll start getting more foot traffic across your carpets, unless it’s your bedroom carpet which sees about the same traffic throughout the year.

Seasonal Carpet Cleaning Options

If Eades gets a harsh, wet winter, it might be in your interest to start fresh in the spring and reboot everything for the coming season. In fact, if any season in your hometown sees wetter, harsher weather, you might consider just choosing to contact a carpet cleaning service during those times.

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