Welcome back to Roto Clean Memphis’ blog regarding the longevity you can expect from your marble polishing service. In our previous blog, we discussed the relevance of dirt management, cleaning regimen, and the types of compounds used for the polishing itself and how those affect your maintenance schedule for your marble countertops or flooring. In this blog, we’ll continue to discuss the variables that can alter how long your marble polishing will last. This will allow you to save money by investing in fewer pointless stone restoration services. Narrow down the time frames you’ll need for cleaning and maintaining your marble so it stays glimmering and stunning like the day it was installed with the help of Roto Clean Memphis.

Foot Traffic

One of the most important aspects you’ll need to use to calibrate an accurate estimate is how much wear and tear your flooring sees. This is probably the major factor that attributes to how quickly your polishing service will wear off. If your marble is not used for commercial use, then your residential marble schedule will be much harder to adjust to. While commercial locations can track their foot traffic in a much more concise manner, you’ll have to rely on your gut. If you’re having lots of holiday parties over the winter months, your polishing will wear off faster. If you’re cooking more at home and scuffing up the countertops more often, then your polishing schedule might change, especially if you cook at home more in the winter like most people and go out more in the summertime. Depending on how you find your stone faring and how your traffic or interaction with it changes from month to month, you can alter your maintenance schedule and experiment for the best results.

Marble Polishing Expertise

One of the main components of how your marble polishing will fare actually has nothing to do with you and how you treat the marble. Instead, it has everything to do with your marble polishing service. If you’re using someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing, your marble won’t remain polished for very long no matter what you do. Choosing someone with sufficient experience will be a huge benefit to how much money you’ll spend in long term maintaining your marble flooring or countertops.

Your Expectations

The second most important part of maintaining your flooring has to do with the standards you’re going to set for it. You’ll need to find a marble polishing service that is versatile and consistently get’s the proper amount of gleam, whether that’s highly polished or promotes a natural, more weathered look to the marble. Keeping these standards of yours consistently satisfied is the real key to determining how often you’d like the marble polished. If you prefer it to look a little less shiny, you might consider longer periods between maintenance. Pursue more frequent maintenance if you prefer your flooring or countertops to remain shimmering.

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