When you start to notice your marble flooring growing dull and unimpressive, you’ll start wondering if that last marble polishing service was really worth it. Your goal should be to have the results of your marble polishing service last as long as possible, so consider creating a great maintenance plan for your marble flooring or countertops. Since your home stone accents should not see too much wear and tear, it can be harder to estimate, but not impossible. With a great schedule established, your marble flooring will look consistently impressive and meet your high standards while saving you money in the long run for unnecessary polishings and other maintenance services.

Forming A Schedule

If your marble flooring or countertops are in a commercial setting, such as a business, you’ll see more wear and tear than if your stone accents were in a residential space, where you’ll see much less stress put on the stone on a day-to-day basis. While there are guidelines for creating a great maintenance schedule, it will require some trial-and-error before you get it right as everyone’s stone is completely individualistic and will have varied needs.

Dirt Management

When considering a polishing regimen, it’s important to consider your surroundings. If you’ve used sand or other granulated ground coverings like gravel you’ll probably need more frequent maintenance than someone who doesn’t have sand nearby. When it’s tracked in on the bottom of people’s shoes and feet it’ll begin to sand down that polished gleam. Sand is highly abrasive and while regular mopping and scrubbing can help keep the floor clean and fresh longer, it will still wear down at a faster rate.

Cleaning Regimen

Like the maintenance regimen, you’ll have to create a cleaning regimen that fits your environment and stone’s individual specifications. As a rule of thumb, marble flooring that is dust mopped on a regular basis, like twice per day rather than once per week, will definitely last longer.  Removing dust is part of dirt management, as any abrasive substance running across your floors, including particle dust, will wear down that gleam you just paid money for. The method of your cleaning ties into this variable as well. If you scrub the marble flooring or countertop and polish with regular at-home polish on a regular basis, you’ll see better results than you would if you just mopped or ran a rag over the surface. Marble is notoriously high-maintenance for cleaning, so this should not come as a surprise.

The Compounds Used For The Marble Polishing Service

One of the most important factors is the kind of compounds your marble polishing expert uses. Different marble polishing services will use different chemicals to polish your flooring or countertops with. You’ll want to find a stone restoration expert that specializes in quality over speed. If they’re racing through the project they’re not getting you the perfect shine and that polish will wear down much quicker than one that is done correctly and methodically.

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