Natural stone is one of the most beautiful materials you can use in your home. It can complement a rustic aesthetic, a Tuscan look and obviously is beautiful among a modern decor theme. With options like granite, slate, and marble there’s sure to be something beautifully flecked with different minerals and cut to the right look and feel for just about everyone. After getting that fresh stone countertop, you’ll be dazzled by how it gleams in the lighting and makes your entire room feel well-designed and coordinated. While it may seem like the high-end quality of your stone will last forever, that is unfortunately untrue. Your stones natural color and sheen will depend entirely on how you clean and maintain the stone. If you’re unsure of how to manage your natural stone cleaning requirements, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Stone Countertops

If you have slate countertops, you’re aware of how durable and awesome they are. They resist heat super well and because of that, they make an excellent countertop surface as well as other surfaces. In fact, slate is usually used for outside applications because of its extreme durability. It absorbs minimal moisture and can easily be cut into thin sheets, making it an affordable option and is generally less porous than granite countertops or marble countertops. In fact, you could find reasonably priced sheets of slate of high-quality that costs less than concrete and crushed glass countertops. It’s a beautiful option for every kitchen.

Cleaning Stone Countertops

Although slate is one of the more sturdy natural stone countertops you can invest in, it can still come to some harm if you’re too rough on it and cleaning it regularly and keeping up the maintenance for it renders the stone much more impervious to day-to-day damage that it might sustain. When you first get your countertops it’s important to remain diligent and dust and sweep the counter with a microfiber cloth around once a week. This process does a stellar job of removing dust and grit that will wear away at that polished look the stone has when it’s first installed. Do not clean your stone countertops with abrasive cleaners. Abrasive cleaners like bleach and other “all-purpose” cleaners are made to break down natural compounds which are the very thing that is making your stone stay sharp and good looking longer. This goes for oily spray and products with lemon or vinegar as well. Their acidic compositions will not only eat away at the layer of gloss over the top protecting the natural stone, it’ll start to eat away at the stone itself. They’ve been known to visibly etch the surface which means you’ll have to invest in natural stone cleaning and polishing sooner rather than later. If you’re wanting that slate countertop to last even longer, it’d be wise to avoid cleaners that contain wax as well. Often, these cleaners don’t wash off all the way as you wipe the countertop down, and if something hot gets on the countertop with the wax still on it, chances are that it’ll burn the wax onto the surface and stain the stone permanently. Unfortunately once a substance is burned or stained into the natural stone there’s not much that even a professional like Roto Clean Memphis can do to help you.

Safe Natural Stone Cleaning

If you’re looking for something you can use to clean your slate countertops efficiently, look so a damp cloth with a special pH-neutral stone cleaner to start out with. This will help fend off water spots and keep the countertop clean and stain resistant. If you’ve got a spot or something stuck to the countertop, leave the damp cloth for around 10 minutes on the spot so that loosens up and makes it easier to remove without trying to roughly scrub it away. Another great way to prevent spots is to wipe the countertops dry after cleaning so that there are no mineral deposits that could cause that spotting you’re concerned with.

Sealing Natural Stone

It’s super important that you ensure that the stone you get is sealed. When you see that drops of water splashing on the counter no longer bead up, it’s time to get the surface re-sealed. You’ll want to use a sealer that penetrates into the stone and offers super effective protection because of that. Topical sealers wear away faster and are hardly the worth the money. If you seal your natural stone countertop right after installation, you’ll have a much higher chance of your countertops needing less maintenance and cleaning, which means less time spent getting your stone polished. We recommend using corn oil to help keep the polish and gleam up to par in between Roto Clean Memphis’ visits to care for your stone.

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