The reward of having a clean home that’s tidy and spot free is totally worth it, trust us. But sometimes it can be tedious and things can easily fall through the cracks like stone cleaning and other techniques that take more time and care. When many of us start up our cleaning responsibilities, we usually just want it to get done as quickly as we possibly can. However the fastest route is not always the best route when it comes to cleaning your home. Thus, here are the top five cleaning mistakes you’re probably making as you attempt to sterilize your living quarters. If you make these suggested changes now, you’ll probably see less time go down the drain toward the cleaning effort.

Putting Off Natural Stone Cleaning

Although this goes for more than just natural stone cleaning and restoration, it’s especially important in regard to your stone flooring or countertops. If you don’t wipe up that spaghetti sauce as soon as it hits the floor or countertop, you’re giving it the opportunity to stain your stone and or harden and make you scour your stone to get it up off the surface. This goes for the rest of the house too though. Even if you’re in a hurry, leaving that spilled patch of wine on your carpet isn’t going to make your life any easier. So spend the time now taking care of the problem or spend an hour later on panicking about whether the stains will come up or not. If you use this principle on your other housework, you’re likely to see a decrease in the collective amount of time your spend. Picking up a room here and there on a daily basis makes it much less of a job when cleaning day does come around. Try sanitizing the food preparation area of your counter right after use as well as putting dirty laundry in the hamper and cleaning bathroom sinks and showers after each use. Clearing away clutter like spare mail and magazines off that catch-all table will loosen up the responsibility required on cleaning day too.

Get The Right Products

We’ve discussed what constitutes the right products for your natural stone in a previous blog, but it’s still an important part of cleaning your stone countertops and flooring. Using the wrong products that aren’t strong enough or are too strong does more bad than it does good. Cleaning for the sake of cleaning isn’t going to get you anywhere and will make it so you have to complete the task once again. If you wash your clothes and find stains remaining, you’re probably using the wrong laundry product. Similarly true if you use a all purpose cleaner that still leaves your countertops feeling greasy. Combat this possibility by reading labels super carefully and follow their directions. The people making these products know how they work best, take their advice for it. If you permanently damage some surfaces, chances are it’s because you didn’t read the label on a product. If you’re trying to keep the products you use green and limit the amount of chemicals you’re inhaling, it only takes a bit of research to find out what will work best on what surfaces. As a word of caution, don’t use any natural cleaners like lemon of vinegar, or anything else that’s acidic or else it will take its toll on your granite countertops, as well as any other natural stone accent.

The Cleaning Process

The best way to go about cleaning is by following a step by step process that does not involve you backtracking to make something up that you forgot. One of the main factors that causes backtracking is starting at the wrong part of the room. Start by decluttering things that don’t belong in the room. Don’t clean around things that you don’t even need in there anyway. When cleaning, start at the vertical top of a room and work your way downward. Don’t clean the floor and then dust the book shelves. That dust will just collect on the flooring instead.

Use Clean Cleaning Tools

Using a dirty sponge isn’t going to clean the countertops very effectively. You could just be soiling other areas by using some dirty brush or sponge. Rather than erase all of your good work, learn how to toss those yucky sponges so you won’t have to deal with Salmonella or E. coli. Better yet, if you can wash your cleaning materials, you’re in much better shape. Wash cleaning clothes, scrub brushes, and mop heads thoroughly and clean vacuum filters on the regular. In regard to keeping your natural stone restoration bill on the lower end, keep a regular stock of microfiber clothes that you’ll be able to toss easily. You’ll keep dust and other debris from scouring and damaging your stone.

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