Carpet and area rugs can catch and contain contaminants and improve indoor air quality, like an air filter, when properly maintained. When they become visibly soiled, they’re  no longer functioning and will start to wear down, decreasing the lifespan of your investment. Dust, dead skin cells, sweat, dust mites, pet dander, food particles, germs, bacteria, allergens spoil your carpet and leave it looking bad and smelling worse. With our wide range of diverse & adaptable equipment, we will restore your carpet to its best condition. With Roto Clean’s advanced equipment and technique you can easily improve indoor air quality and increase the value of your investment property or home.

Full Service Carpet Cleaning Included

As always, with Roto Clean Memphis, you’ll receive a total carpet restoration service using advanced cleaning products and powerful equipment without being up-charged for unexpected treatments or space that’s not being cleaned. Our service includes an enzyme treatment spray that we apply to all areas of the carpet being cleaned. This mixture includes kid, pet, and environmentally friendly detergents, germicides, and odor destroyers that render it one of the most powerful cleaning products in the industry. The mixture works to quickly begins to break down stains, loosen sediment, kill germs, & digest odors leading to even better results and preparing for steam extraction before the steaming process even begins.

Steam Extraction Cleaning

A full deep cleaning and dry encapsulation cleaning will be performed using our powerful, truck-mounted hot water extraction equipment. This kills germs and bacteria, removes tough stains, and flushes all contaminants from deep within the carpet. Extra drying passes are done and speed drying fans are placed to remove as much moisture as possible and ensure efficient drying times. This is followed by the deodorizer, an all-natural, fresh-scent deodorizer that remains in the carpet thread for up to 30 days and continues to break-down odor-causing bacteria.

Very Low Moisture (VLM) Cleaning

The most powerful machines, cleaning products, and advanced technology in low- moisture carpet cleaning are used to perform a deep scrub & soil absorption process. Includes deep cleaning, spot treatment, basic pet treatment if needed, deodorizing, and fiber protectant. Extremely fast dry- times and long- lasting results are just a couple of the benefits to this method when it’s appropriate.

Pet Stains, Dander, & More

Our owner, Eric Hart and his wife, and his brother are active animal rescuers. Together, they’ve rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed over 220 dogs and participated in hundreds of other rescue efforts alongside other rescue groups nationwide. Due to their passion for animals, pet-related concerns are Roto Clean’s specialty. Every carpet we clean gets basic pet treatments free of charge, despite the fact that this is one of the biggest up-sellers for most companies. Some extreme circumstances may require extreme mitigation which could be an additional cost. In addition to this, a portion of our proceeds is donated to local animal rescue groups.

Optional Scotchgard Fabric Protectant:

We offer Scotchgard fabric protectant to help maintain clean and bright carpets by adding an invisible barrier to protect again spills, stain, and soiling. This also helps improve the results we’ll be able to achieve in the future.

Carpet Cleaning Pricing

Roto Clean offers free estimates with no obligation. At your convenience, we can come out to the site, measure the cleanable area* of your carpet, calculate your cleaning cost based on square footage and explain expected results. We guarantee, you’ll only pay for the area actually getting cleaned. We’re dedicated to eliminating pricing on a “per room” or “per area”  basis that allows for confusing definitions and gives other cleaners the opportunity to try and raise prices unexpectedly. We provide no up-charges or hidden fees of any kind.

Note: Beware of “bait & switch” pricing scams in which companies offer low prices up-front with intentions to up-charge for expected services like deep cleaning, spot removal and deodorizers, or charge extra for “larger” areas. We only charge for the exact square footage of the areas we clean. Contact us today to make an appointment for a free estimate and consultation with no pressure sales or gimmicks.

*Cleanable Area: any open area that is not blocked by furniture or belongings. Any large or breakable furniture must be moved prior to technician arrival or if requesting furniture to be moved this must be mentioned at the time of your free estimate. All areas are laser measured for accuracy, so you only pay for the area being cleaned.

45-day, no questions asked warranty: This is a satisfaction guarantee for any problems in the near future after a cleaning. There is a minimum service charge of $150 applied to any cleaning appointment.


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