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Tile Refinishing and Grout Cleaning

Watch your tile floor or shower be transformed as our 3-step restorative cleaning process brings back the luster.

Our cleaning and floor-stripping agents are applied through a combination of machine and hand brushing techniques to cleanse the surface. Then, our rotating pressure-washer and vacuum blast the remaining dirt and grime from deep within the grout lines. The grout can then be sealed for a more permanent effect.

Grout Sealing

Roto Clean offers two types of premium grout sealants. By utilizing our clear sealant, you can lock in those great cleaning results forever. Or, you can try a color sealant that dyes the grout back to the original color or change to any color you choose. Both sealants act as a solution to grout discoloration.

If you’re interested in protecting the coloring of your grout, we provide a free on-site estimates with no obligation. During your consultation you’ll be presented with a detailed pricing analysis, a demonstration, and a comprehensive understanding of what results to expect.

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